Tape Emulation with KORG Gadget Zurich

Last Updated on March 25, 2017 by IDS Team

After getting Korg Gadget for MacOS I was wondering what’s the reason of having Korg Zurich device as AU/VST plugin… if it does just audio recording in Korg Gadget – it doesn’t make much sense having it as the plugin… 

So I’ve made some tests and found that even when its effects section is bypassed – it adds compression and saturation to the sound.

Here’s short video showing series of odd-ordered harmonics (typical for tape saturation) added and a low-frequency boost (which is also typical for some tapes). 

zurich tape machine


1. Even when effects slot is empty – it still changes the sound. 

2. It does nice saturation so it makes sense to freeze other tracks and import it as audio to the Zurich device – it saves CPU and adds nice vibe to the sound.

3. If you need clean reproduction of your audio material Zurich might not be your best option. Actually if you use Rosario and turn off all 4 effects (amp, head, fxs) – you get clean unprocessed sound:

4. It would be cool to have this device as FX for other devices. I hope in the next updates KORG starts adding effect devices – something like Reason rack could be really great.

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