“Volume 2” Bundle announced by Softube

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“Never break the chain”.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The signal chain is no
di erent.

Upgrade your sound with Volume 2: Softube’s ‘everything you
need’ bundle, featuring three new products; Tape, the Fix Phaser,
and the Weiss MM1 Mastering Maximizer; as well as everything
Volume 1 users came to know and love. A complete suite of pro
audio production, mixing, and mastering tools, from electronic
instruments and amp rooms, EQs and compressors, modulation
e ects, reverbs and delays, right through to mastering proces-
sors and magnetic tape emulations.

With o cially endorsed emulations of world-famous hardware,

as well as bespoke and wholly original plug-ins, the Softube Vol-

ume 2 bundle represents the absolute pinnacle of sound quality in each and every area it covers.

Adding three magni cent new plug-ins, and now featuring Softube’s pioneering Preset Collection, which
makes working with Softube products easier and more enjoyable than ever before, Volume 2 is the best and
most valuable Softube plug-in bundle to date; priced at $499 ($399 intro price), with upgrade paths avail-
able from Volume 1 or any of the individual plug-ins.

In Short:

  • Three new plug ins
  • Tape, our fastest-selling plug-in yet, for the crème de la crème of analog vibe
  • Weiss MM-1, the revolutionary and intelligent Mastering Maximizer 
  • The complete mixing and mastering bundle from Softube
  • Unrivalled sound quality, keeping your signal chain unbroken


Get Softube Volume 2