Note: If you’re looking for the best VST christmas deals, we’ve compiled them here. The best hardware deals can be found here.

Native Instruments, Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro: These are some of the names that keep us up at night during Christmas eve, dreaming that santa gives us a little treat in the form of heavily discounted DAWs.

Well, this year santa delivered: Some of the most popular DAWs have been knocked down quite a bit, and some are even free!

For a summarized table of the best deals, check below:

Deal Type
Expiry Date
Presonus Studio One Professional V425%25% off for new users and users looking to upgrade their presonus DAWWas $399$, is $3991 January 2020 CHECK OFFER
Native Instruments50%Thanksgiving XXL DAWs and Plugins of all kindsUp to 500$ Off9 December 2019CHECK OFFER