pluginboutique 10 year offer

DEAL ALERT: Pluginboutique 10 year anniversary VST sale

Last Updated on February 6, 2022 by IDS Team

This one is huge, friends. Pluginboutique, probably the best and most complete outlet for all your VST needs is having a blast sale. Indeed, they really want to celebrate their 10th birthday by giving you a lot of options, so if you want to round off your studio virtual gear, now is the time.

Don’t forget that buying anything from Pluginboutique gives you Virtual Cash, their own way of saying thanks for shopping with us. You can use all this Virtual Cash for the next purchases on

Without further ado, this is the list for the Pluginboutique VST Sale, celebrating 10 years of Most of the offers are available until the 28th of February 2022, so hurry up!

  1. IZOTOPE SALE, UP TO 95% OFF: Pick up 10 unmissable FX plugins from both iZotope and Exponential Audio individually, or get the entire collection of ten plugins in one bundle. CLICK HERE FOR THE IZOTOPE OFFER!. But wait, there’s more. I am talking about a huge IZOTOPE BUNDLE, discounted 96. CHECK OUT THE BUNDLE BY CLICKING HERE!
  2. SOFTUBE SALE, UP TO 76% OFF: Save big on Softube products such as Tape, Parallels and more in the Plugin Boutique Anniversary Sale! Prices from €15 / $15. CLICK HERE FOR THE SOFTUBE OFFER! Not satisfied with the 76% discount? SEE THE SECOND SOFTUBE OFFER, UP TO 88% OFF BY CLICKING HERE!
  3. PLUGINBOUTIQUE BUNDLE SALE, 96% OFF: This one is for the budget oriented, for less than 10 USD you can get a lot of great plugins that may just be everything you need to get started. CHECK OUT THIS ONE BY CLICKING HERE! There is a second bundle offer, 78% off. This one is a bit more expensive but much more powerfull than the first. CHECK OUT THE SECOND BUNDLE OFFER BY CLICKING HERE!
  4. LOOPCLOUD DRUM & PLAY SALE, UP TO 51% OFF: Whether you create kits from scratch or intricately edit loops, Loopcloud DRUM will enhance the way you work with beats. Loopcloud PLAY gives you access to an endless gallery of top-quality sounds from global genres and industry experts, packaged in a focused and easy-to-use interface. CLICK HERE FOR THE LOOPCLOUD OFFER!
  5. ARTURIA PIGMENTS 3, 50% OFF until the 17th of February 2021: Pigments 3 is a state-of-the-art software instrument that gives you the power of every shade of synthesis. With colourful sound engines, effortless modulation, professional utilities, and studio-grade FX explore an infinite spectrum of sound. CHECK OUT THE OFFER FOR ARTURIA PIGMENTS 3 BY CLICKING HERE!
  6. ARTURIA V COLLECTION 8, UP TO 50% OFF until the 17th of February 2021: The most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made just got an update. V Collection 8 now features even more timeless instruments, lovingly recreated in software. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTURIA V COLLECTION 8 OFFER!
  7. ARTURIA FX COLLECTION, 50% OFF until the 17th of February 2021: An inspiring array of software effects that combine music industry heritage with futuristic features, and unparalleled sound quality with intuitive workflow. CHECK OUT THE ARTURIA FX COLLECTION OFFER HERE!