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Expressive E Early Spring Sale (up to 55% off til 31st of March)

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by IDS Team

Hey deal hunters and welcome to the hottest early spring deal in the music business. If you haven’t heard about Expressive E then you really need to. They make a lot of hardware and software tools that shine when you want to some extra layers of innovative control.

We hare big fans of the Touche MPE device, and of the MPE virtual instruments that they released previously. These instruments are a very nice addition to any music production studio so we can’t recommend them enough. We are also waiting on a (very early) preorder for their revolutionary new MPE keyboard, Osmose.

This time, the guys from Expressive E are offering some very nice VST Plugins with a huge discount of up to 55%. We recommend them all if you want to have a different/new experience in making music in the box. The offer ends on 31st of March so get your instruments ASAP:

  • Expressive E Imagine – 83 €/$ instead of 139 €/$ – Imagine digs deep inside the body of real life instruments, modifies and combines their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustic landscape. Thanks to a playful multidimensional approach, Imagine offers texture manipulations, mysterious unknown sound dimensions that still sound familiar.
  • Expressive E Noisy – 89 €/$ instead of 149 €/$ – A hybrid between physical modelling and subtractive synthesis, Noisy uses the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Noisy was designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated.
  • Expressive E Instruments Collection – 197 €/$ instead of 435 €/$ – This one is a collection of their most famous instruments, including the ones above. The instruments that are contained here are Imagine, Noisy, Violin, Viola, Cello. The last three instruments are based on Physical Modelling and do a really nice job. Already own parts of the bundle? log in and put this offer in your cart to see your special upgrade price!
  • Expressive E Touche Sounds Collection – 239 €/$ instead of 533 €/$ – If you own the Touche controller, then you really must have this collection. It is made to be fully compatible with it and contains the instruments previously presented in the Instruments Collection (Imagine, Noisy, Violin, Viola and Cello) plus two more: Mercury and Helium. As longtime users of the last two, we can fully recommend them if you are looking for new ways to do sound design.
  • Expressive E MPE Collection – 71 €/$ instead of 119 €/$ – The MPE Collection combines four banks of exclusive sounds into one versatile suite, ready to play with any instrument that supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression. The banks are Helium, Mercury, Patchwork and Carbon.
  • Expressive E Arche Collection – 71 €/$ instead of 119 €/$ – Arché is a plug-in suite by Expressive E, containing three exquisitely crafted physical models of a violin, a viola and a cello.

We hope you will find this piece of Deal news useful and actually complete your studio with this!