Best Studio Chairs

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Aside from all the equipment, rack-mounted units, a computer, and whatever else you need for the music that you’re producing, it’s extremely important to have a fully ergonomic space for it.

Yes, you might spend who knows how much time getting all the needed gear, designing the interior, and taking care that everything is soundproofed.

But if you don’t have a comfortable spot to sit in, then everything else falls apart.

After all, you’re going to be sitting there for a very, very long time if you plan to do professional studio work.

With this in mind, you definitely need to consider getting a quality chair to sit on in there.

At the end of the day, all you should care about is making good music and a fully ergonomic environment will allow you to concentrate and be productive.

In case you’re building or improving your own studio, here is a brief list of the best studio chairs.

Coming up with this rundown, we judged them by the overall design, build quality, and ergonomic features.

But before we begin…

What You Should Look for in Studio Chairs

It depends on the amount of time you plan on sitting in the studio.

However, it’s always a better option to play it safe and go with something solid and well-built.

First off, the chair should have some sort of lumbar support.

It is advisable that the chair’s backrest can support your back’s natural curve. This is simple – if it’s completely straight, then it won’t do your back any good.

Second, the chair should have the so-called “Waterfall front,” meaning that there are no added paddings on the front and that add pressure on your hips and legs.

Next up, the chair should be completely adjustable.

Since no one is the same size, it’s basically impossible to find a “one size fits all” chair of good quality.

Your chair should have the height adjustment and inclination adjustment feature as well. This ensures that you’ll be able to set up the optimal position for your build and preferences.

Last, but not least, you should think of the overall build qualities. You don’t want something that will lose its ergonomic qualities over a short period of time.

In addition, the material that you sit on should be breathable and not induce massive sweating during hot summer days.

Best Office Ergonomic Chair- Best Budget Friendly Studio Chair

We start off with a budget-friendly option. Being around $70, you’ll get a solid chair for the price.

Even in this range, the Best Office Ergonomic Chair offers some valuable features.

Aside from the fine-looking design and the water and oil resistant PU leather, the chair is fairly comfortable, has adjustable height, adjustable back tilt, lumbar support, and padded armrests. It comes in three colors – black, white, and brown.

It’s pretty straightforward yet allows comfortable work. But despite being more than a decent option for the price, it’s not exactly a type of chair you’d like to see in a high-end studio.

Flash Furniture Multifunction Swivel- Best Lightweight Office Chair

As its name would suggest, Flash Furniture Multifunctional Swivel has an abundance of adjustable features.

What’s more, there are 10 different color options to choose from. The back is fully adjustable and you can tweak both its angle and height. In addition, there is also a handle for adjusting the chair’s tilt.

Armrests are also height adjustable and padded, something that’s also one of this chair’s strong points. Overall, this whole chair can be fully modified to suit anyone’s build.

While some might prefer solid backs, the flexible mesh material on this one’s back is a good feature that adds some comfort to it and normal airflow. Of course, the back’s shape allows much-needed lumbal support.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Multifunctional Swivel has a solid-built heavy duty base. It will definitely last for a while.

TOPSKY Mesh Synchronous- Best Mesh Studio Chair

And there are those who prefer a large mesh back on the chair. And that’s exactly what TOPSKY Mesh Synchronous offers.

The flexible mesh headrest is also a welcomed addition.

The mesh back, however, is supported with a back frame that allows not only a solid lumbar but also upped back support.

As for the adjustments, you can tweak the armrest height, armrest angle and horizontal position, the headrest angle, lumbal cushion position, chair height, and chair tilt.

One surprisingly great addition is the cleverly implemented hanger on the back construction. You can use it for hanging clothes or bags, and yet it still manages to keep the chair’s modern-looking design.

A solidly built chair with flexible mesh, many features, and a sturdy base.

What more could you ask for?

Executive Ergonomic

Aside from the standard features that you can find on the other chairs as well – adjustable height, adjustable back angle, and the flexible mesh material – the Executive Ergonomic has flip-up armrests.

In case you plan to use your studio chair for instrument playing as well, armrests might get a bit annoying.

So instead of moving to sit on the edge of the chair, you can just fold the armrests. Overall, it’s a quality chair, especially for those who enjoy flexible mesh material.

Herman Miller Aeron- The Best Overall Studio Chair

But if you want a high-end and fully functional adjustable chair, Herman Miller Aeron blows every other option out of the water.

Yes – it’s expensive. But although it costs $500 or more, this would be the perfect ergonomic tool for studio work.

Not only can you find the numerous features that you already found in the aforementioned chairs above, but the Aeron can be ordered in different sizes and 16 different designs.

A fully functional and adjustable chair that will most definitely last for quite some time.

It’s in the high-end price territory, but if you want to treat yourself and your studio with a fully professional chair, then this is the one you should go with.

In our experience, the biggest issue with studio chairs is the quality of the build. Usually the wheels are the first to break, followed by the swivels. In this regard, Herman Miller chairs really stand out. From an economic perspective, it is thus justifiable:

Why spend a couple of hundred dollars every year when you can spend 500$ to 800$ on a chair that is more comfortable and will last 3+ years?

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, the very best studio chairs money can buy.

There are lot of studio components on which you can cut corners, but the studio chair should definitively not be one of them.

You’re going to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours in that thing, so make sure you get a sturdy and comfortable chair- you’ll back with thank you later.