Overloud Tapedesk – new Console + Tape Machine Emulation Plugin

Last Updated on May 2, 2017 by IDS Team

Overloud’s TAPEDESK is a tape simulator and a console emulator packed together into a single plugin that replicates the warm tones of an analog mixing workflow.

Simulates three legendary analog consoles

Simulates a 2-inch 24-track tape machine

Recreates the interactions between the console and the tape machine

Offers precise metering of any point in the sound chain

Simulates all of the transformers in the original units

Very low CPU usage: open the plugin on each track of your session

Many presets designed during real mixing sessions

In the real world, a tape machine is always physically connected to a console. The signal enters into the console’s preamplifier, gets fed into the tape machine and is recorded to tape. From there the tape is played back and the audio again hits the console for mixing into its stereo bus.

Recreating this process using separate components is fairly complex but it is the only way to actually replicate the experience of mixing in analog. TAPEDESK automates all of these separate processes for you; you only need to insert the plugin on your tracks and enjoy the experience of mixing in a thoroughly analog world!

Learn more on Overloud website

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