Melodics is Mac/Win software that helps you learn Finger Drumming has released iOS app that eliminates the need of the midi controller.

Melodics provides you with the set of lessons that help you to develop fingerdrumming skills. You can download Win or Mac version here –

First 20 lessons are free. Then there’s subscription fee of $9.99/month for the access to 200+ lessons.

The iOS controller app is free.

Melodics Pad Controller

by Melodics Limited

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Melodics Pad Controller

Ready to play some pads? Take your finger drumming, DJ, and performance skills to the next level with the Melodics Pad Controller. Connect to the Melodics desktop app and your iPhone or iPad becomes a fully fledged MIDI Pad controller, letting you play over 400 lessons from huge artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff. When not connected, keep up your practice with kits from some of the most popular lessons in Melodics, and practice your beats anywhere (just make sure you're wearing headphones when you jam out on the bus!)


* Performant, low-latency pad controller when used with the Melodics desktop app.
* Great sounding built-in kits to keep up the beats on the road, based on some of the most popular lessons in Melodics
* Can't always take your Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad, or Native Instruments Maschine controllers with you? Never miss a practice again, you've got a controller in your pocket!
* Play your music in the background, and rock the drums over the top!


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