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6 AU for iOS reviewed by Sweetwater

Sweetwater has reviewed 6 Audio Units available for iOS in their last episode on SweetwaterSound YouTube channel.   List of apps available as Audio Units for iOS

Blocs Wave updated with Slice and Rearrange mode

Amazing loop-player and audio-clips manipulation app was updated with Slice and Rearrange mode. Great for drum'n'bass and any other genres that needs to slice drum beats/audio loops.

Model 15 – Modular iOS Synth by Moog

Moog Model 15 - is full-featured Moog Modular synth for iOS developed by Moog. Model 15 is one of the most advanced synths available for iOS platform with beautiful detailed user...

Roland Wireless Connect

Roland Wireless Connect is a new system that allows electronic musical instruments to communicate with the iPhone. Consisting of a wireless USB adapter and two new iOS apps, Roland Wireless Connect...


Chordion is a fun new way to make music on the iPad. Choose chords with one hand and play melodies with the other - never hit a wrong note! Chordion is...



EuroReakt Blocks with Michael Hetrick

Amazing video from the creator of EuroReakt blocks set for Reactor 6.

AudioShare – Audio Document Manager

AudioShare along with AudioBus and AudioCopy is essential music app. If you use samples in your music production or maybe your workflow involves audio files exchange between apps or you need...