If you already have Reaktor Blocks you can start using Serum Wavetables (as well as other wav-files as a wavetables) in a Reaktor modular Blocks environment with a new free module called Serum Wavetable Block. You can download it free from the Reakror User Library

To start using it add this block to a new Reaktor ensemble or replace oscillator in one of the pre-built Reaktor Blocks ensembles. 

Then just drag’n’drop wav file (wavetable) from your Serum library (on MacOS found at /Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Tables/…)

Modulate WTP (Wavetable Position) with one of the LFOs or modulators – works great with recently added Kodiak Curve Sequencer modulator:

Get Serum Wavetable Block Free

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