MUSIC PRODUCTION Holiday season 2021 DEALS: up to 50% OFF all Polyverse Plugins!

Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by IDS Team

The Black Friday 2021 and Holiday Season 2021 sale and offer train keeps on going: today we bring you a great offer from a lesser-known brand: Polyverse. While they don’t spend a whole lot on marketing and promotion, they do develop their products extremely well, so don’t judge the book by the cover, get this excellent promotion while it lasts (until the 8th of December 2021).

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On offer you will find the whole selection of VST plugin products that Polyverse developed, updated to the latest version and with huge discounts that can reach 50%. The prices that are provided in this excellent Black Friday 2021 offer are below:

  • Polyverse Comet – Reverb VST Plugin: A reverb of unparalleled lushness and versatility – $75 down from $145
  • Polyverse Manipulator – Harmonic alteration VST Plugin: Dramatically alter┬áthe timbre and pitch of any sound – $89 down from $145
  • Polyverse Gatekeeper – Gate VST Plugin: The fastest volume tool,┬ábreathe new life into your sound. – $35 down from $49
  • Polyverse I Wish – Pitch Freeze VST Plugin: Take any sound, instantly freeze it in time. – $49 down from $99
  • Polyverse Wider – Stereo field VST Plugin: Extreme widening without phasing issues – FREE

As you can see, the list of VST Plugin products that Polyverse puts out is not that long, but believe me, they do the job very well.

Also included are two bundles, if you already know, got recommended or actually played with the Polyverse VST Plugin products and just wanted a reason to buy them all

Polyverse holiday sale 2021

You can find the Polyverse Black Friday 2021 deal on their website by clicking here.

If you don’t really know these plugins but are interested in getting some quality sound processing I think you should first check out some reviews of their products. I have compiled a list below:

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  • If you want to find out more about Polyverse I Wish, you should read this article.
  • Musicradar has posted here some words about Polyverse Comet. “Cons: very few”.

Happy Black Friday 2021 Deal hunting!