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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 honest review

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by IDS Team

This Amplitube 5 Honest Review is a complete look at the amp sim that’s often billed as the industry’s favorite effects modelling software. this is a totally honest look at the IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 guitar processing pack, plus it’s latest updates. 

This turned out to be intuitive and easy to use in terms of interface and a design. Plus, the latest Amplitube 5 update with TONEX Capture add the missing link that catapults this above competitors if you want an amp sim that offers real freedom. Ultimately, AmpliTube 5works with the flow of the average musician and IK Multimedia obviously created it with user thought process in mind, so read on for a thorough look.

How is IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 set up?

What stood out to me first was the way the entire signal chain has been modelled, with a crisp, clean overview of the chain including everything from direct input to pre-amps, gain, stomp-boxes, and moreThe latest amplitube 5 upgrade also lets you import custom amp and cab models as plugins, which is a really exciting feature. 

You can see the whole thing from a bird’s eye view and drag and drop the different parts around to experiment with positioning. Different lines are color coded – and you can go with dual input or even three different parallel lines of FX connected to the same DI, which makes it extremely nonlinear and versatile. 

I was refreshed by the way that this software seems to go above and beyond in terms of having a layout which explicitly works with the way most musicians seem to think and practice. It almost feels as if it was designed for guitarists, by guitarists. 

The gear selection process has been updated to drag and drop, and the gear view window is photorealistic and designed to be as hands on as it can possibly be without having the actual gear there in front of you – with a mixing window which is along the same lines too.

Amplitube 5 is software which isn’t messing around. IK Multimedia clearly designed it  with a holistic view of the production process and includes the following features:

  • The entire signal chain is covered from start to finish in terms of modelling.
  • Sound is hyper realistic due to IK using its own specifically trademarked DIM and VIR technology.
  • 8 track recording software allows the creation of nuance, layers, and walls of sound.
  • Set up and ease of use speed up each part of your workflow and thus minimizes processing power needed to create great sounds.
  • All FX are based on real gear and IK Multimedia has worked with real manufacturers including Orange, Mesa Boogie, and Fender thus allowing them to focus on what they do best with intuitive interface design while simultaneously including pro-level sounds created by those who have already hit the sweet spot with tone and popular appeal.
ik multimedia amplitube 5

What does IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 include?

There are over 400 different bits of gear and the designers have taken their time to work with classic, crowd-pleasing companies such as Fender to hit the sweet spot between familiarity and spicing things up.. 

IK Multimedia has split it into three sections.he signal/FX chain modelling is the main focus and a mixing window sits above this.the gear selector window to one side which contains AmpliTube 5’s magnetic selection of options. Yet apart from it’s smooth interface, it’s the following features that make it stand out: 

  • VIR technology lets you change mic placement and have fine, detailed control over cabinets and amps 
  • New TONEX capabilities in the most recent update  let you use individual models of real life gear (more on this further down!) 
  • Mono and stereo input options in the FX chain as well as the option for multiple lines of FX 

The most basic version (Amplitube Custom Shop) gives you the most basic gear with the same high level of VIR modeling and intuitive signal chain manipulation. Then, you can purchase additional gear with credits. Even at its most basic version, Amplitube does not sacrifice quality. This is a great compromise if you need it and can be perfect if you’re a beginner.

Why purchase the IK Multimedia Amplitube 5?

Amplitube 5 may have great features, but any honest review must look at how they stack up. Personally, I found it was in the realm of inspiration where the AmpliTube really comes into its own. while I investigated it, I realised this is not just FX modelling which attempts to cram as many different options into one rig as possible. 

The creators clearly chose the software collection very carefully so it actively brings  new options and idea combos to the table. AmpliTube 5 has focused on user interface and managed to combine creativity, a format that actually works for musicians, and an excellent level of variety, so it doesn’t feel just like a set of different VSTs and tech.

As a result, this setup works for both beginners and pro sound designers in separate ways.


A great feature that NO OTHER AMP SIM has is the TONEX modelling connection. 

TONEX is a feature from IK Multimedia that allows you to take ANY amp and cab combo and turn it into a plugin. If you don’t want your amp sims to sound generic or just like basic emulations, this is one of the most exciting features of Amplitube 5 now. We do a full review of TONEX by itself here, but let’s look at how it works in tandem with Amplitube 5. 

  • Users can upload, download, and share present models with TONEX via ToneNET
  • Brings with it an online database and the ability to go ultra specific
  • Adds to the detail Amplitube offers with its VIR technology to make this one of the most nuanced, detailed, and controllable amp sims out there.

Pricing and availability

Amplitube 5 can be bought off . At this kind of price, it’s beyond the budget of the average bedroom producer or beginner, but it is a bit of software which is well worth investing in – in terms of sheer density of different options per unit of cost plus the way it frees up workflow and creates a smooth, easy-going sound design process.

Final Thoughts

I found everything about the AmpliTube 5 to stand out in terms of care and consideration taken to make a top tier product. Amplitube 5 focusses on musicians’ processes,  as opposed to bunching a lot of different techs together. It has two main points of appeal. These are  the variety of FX and thus possibilities in sound design and chain modelling, and the creative, non-linear set up that gets rid of workflow issues for speedier and more enjoyable music production. 

Personally, the workflow and interface design sell me on it, combined with the level of control it gives musicians over tone, sound, and creativity.  However, the sheer number of options means it has an appeal beyond any genre or preferred work style. And if you want to read more reviews by us, head on down to our Reviews category by clicking here!