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black friday music production 2021 deals: Soundtoys mega sale

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by IDS Team

Yes, the end is in sight for 2021, and with that comes the busy holiday season, starting with Black Friday. We fully recommend you check our “Deals” category for more 2021 music production deals.

This year’s Black Friday offers start a little early, with Soundtoys coming up with the current news: they are offering some pretty good deals (up to 70% off), with the top spot being taken by their suite of five plugins, the entire range of audio effects, at a jaw dropping price of 229USD (52% off).

You can find the Soundtoys Black Friday 2021 vst plugin offer right here, on the Pluginboutique website (among with other great sales).

If you would rather opt for other vst products and audio plugins this Black Friday 2021, and not the five stereo audio effects from Soundtoys, there are other offers on the website:

  • Individual effect VST plugins like Soundtoys FilterFreak, Soundtoys PrimalTap, Soundtoys Radiator, Soundtoys EchoBoy, Soundtoys Decapitator, etc with up to 70% discounts – click here
  • Soundtoys Effect Rack FX Bundle (Soundtoys Rack multi effect system + 14 Soundtoys audio effect plugins) with 54% off – click here

The offers expire on the 1st of December 2021 so make sure you get them until then!

soundtoys black friday 2021
Soundtoys Sie-Q Parametric EQ

Soundtoys are making one of the best lines of VST Plugin products that most studio-heads rely on for their music production and sound design. They specialise in stereo processing, but certainly go even further than that, offering eq, colouring and dynamics processing too.

We certainly recommend Soundtoys Echo Boy in case you need a vintage sounding stereo processing emulation. It’s engines are capable of replicating all types of analog reverb and delay that you can use in classic house music plus other non-electronic genres.

We also recommend Soundtoys Crystallizer, if you are more into sound design and experimentation with music production techniques that are more modern and esoteric. This vst effect is like a delay with extended controls and cater to the more techno and minimal oriented crowd.

The Sountoys Black Friday 2021 deal can be accessed here.