Six Powerful Tips to Give a Compelling Presentation

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by IDS Team

Giving a stellar presentation entails the investment of time, effort, and practice. After all, not everyone has the right skills to present themselves in public. So if you’ve been looking for the best tips to give a good presentation, we’re glad to have you here.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the most important tips that will help you pitch your project in the best way possible. And if you need help with making your assignment stand out, our recommendations will impact your final decision. Continue reading this article till the end:

✔   Rehearse What You Have to Say

As a rule of thumb, beginning with the rehearsal of what you plan to say will allow you to know how your final presentation will unfold. Basically, this part is divided into two major steps. If you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally, it will help you uplift your confidence. Plus, these two tips are a good way to become a better speaker in public.

Notice we have recommended you memorize your presentation. But, we have asked you to master the art of telling a story. The difference is, within reach is, you have to memorize your presentation. However, when you open up about the story, you have to focus on engaging the audience with your tone. You’ll be better off if you begin with jotting down an outline of the slides before working on the entire presentation.

✔   Prepare Yourself, Technically, Mentally and Emotionally

It’s like, you’ve already gone through tons of presentations in school but speaking to a receptive audience in university or at work is a different experience. But let’s be honest about one thing, TED talks are much different. But why? Well, they are the accounts of the speaker’s personal experiences with life, so they are compelled to speak with utmost confidence.

Here, we are preparing to focus on multiple presentations, various notes, and taking high stakes. So preparing yourself technically and emotionally for every segment of this work will be a good idea. As for the technical preparation, you are aware that the order of the slides is important. And, you wouldn’t want to get embarrassed in front of the crowd with your slides getting stuck.

As for emotional preparation, focusing on interacting with the crowd and solving their issues is important since they will be influenced by what you say.

✔   Be Confident

Confidence is the only key to nailing any performance in public. Whether it’s a presentation or singing in front of a lot of people, confidence can easily make you stand out. Plus, if you exercise public speaking in front of the mirror, acquiring more confidence will be easier.

Let’s get it straight, the moment you lose your confidence or embark with a shaky personality, the audience will lose interest in talking to you. Stand firm, look into the mirror and see how you can manipulate yourself in the mirror.

However, if you have reservations about being vocal with confidence, you can try some vocal exercises, as they smoothen your tone. And, when you feel good about your voice, standing out in the presentation won’t be difficult. Today, confidence has become a key to cementing a strong reputation for yourself in the corporate world and in any academic institution. There is a reason why confidence is considered the key to success.

✔   Start Strong

The day of your presentation is here, and it’s your time to shine! Starting off with compelling punch lines, quotes, or a decent slide presentation will be a good idea. And, not to forget, the first few seconds of the presentation will have a strong impact on the audience. Therefore, starting strong is a major factor that determines the overall success of your presentation.

Most of the time, starting weak will never have a compelling impact on the audience. You can say leverage the advantage of starting strong.

Plus, your body language must be sturdy since the audience notices it. As explained earlier, starting off with a shaky body or not so confident attitude will make it hard to win the audience’s interest. Take a few deep breaths before starting off since it will help you declutter your mind.

No wonder, keeping yourself physically fit will help you stand concrete on your feet when speaking publicly to a lot of people. So now is the best time to practise deep breathing, as it will declutter your mind.

✔   Use Props If Necessary

Are you wondering about starting off with a good presentation using props?

Here, you need to think creatively. Using props is a good way to prepare for any presentation. Using props doesn’t only provide you with enough support but allows emotional support to the speaker.

Even using a small prop such as a book can help the audience understand the crux of the discussion. And, if you bring a small prop In the presentation room, it will only be more damaging for everyone.

With props, you don’t need to use the slides at all. To draw inspiration, you can go through the TED talks to know how they benefit you. A prop Is also acknowledged as a confidence tool since it can take your presentation skills to the next level.

✔   Keep Everything Short and Precise

The audience will start losing interest after a couple of minutes post your presentation. So, keeping everything short and precise will be a good way to make the most out of the situation.

Simply put, the attention span of the modern audience is a few seconds. Therefore, you have very little time to win their trust.

On the contrary, providing the audience with too much information and slides will only leave them dumbfounded at the end of the day.

We recommend you divide the paragraph with bullets, numbers, and clear headings. Plus, the use of infographics shouldn’t be avoided. Thus, the presentation can be inclusive of pictures, videos, audio recording, flow charts, diagrams, and whatever makes it convenient for the viewer to perceive the slides.