soundtoys mega sale

Soundtoys mega sale – until the 9th of June 2021

Last Updated on August 12, 2021 by IDS Team

Hey guys! We know you love deals, who doesn’t?

We also all love Soundtoys. Their plugins are best in class, and they specialise in stereo effects, sometimes emulating old hardware sometimes not.

If you are still looking for some delay/reverb/weird effects to add to your arsenal, or if you’ve always wanted some Soundtoys action but have been waiting for the big discount, now’s your chance. Get most of their line-up on Pluginboutique.


Soundtoys 5 bundle: 289 USD

Decapitator – A great saturation plugin, 49 USD

EchoBoy – One of THE BEST analog modeling tape machines (delay/reverb): 49 USD

LittlePlate – Plate reverb at it’s finest: 29 USD

Radiator – Tube saturation emulation, in the style of the 1567A tube mixer: 29 USD

MicroShift – One of the most sought after pitch shift effects: 29 USD

As you can see, the discounts are major (more than 50% off), so don’t waste any more time as the offer ends on June 9th.

Get your Soundtoys fix at PluginBoutique.